OCOchem is developing and scaling patented and proprietary technology that electrochemically uses carbon dioxide to store energy in the chemical bonds of formates and formic acid. OCOchem was founded in 2017 in the Pacific Northwest, and operates its principal R&D laboratories in Richland, Washington.

A One Molecule Mission

OCOchem’s founding mission is to convert CO2 into a “green” platform organic molecule, using just electricity and water, and do so at a progressively lower and lower cost than the fossil-fueled pathway for making the “grey” version of that molecule. That’s It. By doing so we will invert the current economic incentives to extract, combust and release the carbon embodied in the buried ancient solar fuels now known as fossil fuels.   

Todd T. Brix

OCOchem’s founding insight is that there are only two chemicals (formic acid/formate and carbon monoxide) that can be made from CO2 and zero-carbon electricity at a lower cost than their fossil counterparts, and that OCOchem would focus on the one chemical that was a stable non-flammable liquid and is generally regarded as safe, formic acid.”

Todd T. Brix

Todd T. Brix

CEO and Co-Founder

Todd is the Chief Executive Officer of OCOchem. Todd is a former General Manager and Partner at Microsoft who started, led and grew business groups in IoT, Mobile and eCommerce in the Windows Business Group. Prior to Microsoft, Todd was a co-founder of an Industrial Automation system start-up, worked at both Intel and Silicon Graphics in semiconductor processing equipment automation, and began his career at Chevron Research and Technology as a hydro-processing engineer in its R&D and refining operations in Richmond, CA. Todd holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington and an MBA with High Distinction from the Harvard Business School.


Dr. Arun S. Agarwal

Dr. Arun S. Agarwal

VP of Engineering

Arun has 15+ years of research and development experience in renewable chemicals, energy, oil and gas; collaborated on projects with LIFT(ALMMII), ARPA-E, DOE, CEC (California), PHMSA, UTRC (UTC), Lockheed Martin, Eaton, PG&E, and formerly led CO2 to chemicals technology development at DNV. Arun has authored or co-authored 25+ patents in renewable chemicals, electrolyzers, fuel cells, and batteries. Arun holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Case Western University and an MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas.

A.T. “Terry” Brix

Chairman, Chief Strategy Advisor andA.T.

Terry serves as Chairman and Chief Strategy Advisor to OCOchem. Terry is a serial green chemical entrepreneur and has started or run 16 green chemical companies over the last 40 years, resulting in 7 exits and 1 IPO to date. Terry holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University and an MBA and MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington.

A.T. “Terry” Brix

Careers at OCOchem

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