OCO exists to help solve just one very big problem

OCO was founded on the basic observation that 1000x more brainpower, time and money have been collectively invested on reducing or capturing man-made carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, than on using carbon dioxide to make things we need. So, like the dog chasing the car, what happens after you capture it? What do you do with it? OCO's answer is to use captured carbon dioxide to make a single, but high value product, formic acid, using increasingly lower cost renewable electricity, displacing fossil-fuel derived feedstocks. By doing this at large volumes OCO's process converts massive amounts of carbon dioxide, on a 1:1 mass basis, into a versatile value-added platform chemical which can power the transformation of the organic chemical industry into a post-fossil fuel feedstock era and help solve some of the challenges CO2 by-product producers, power generators, customers and society are facing.

CO2 Producers

Every CO2 by-product producer from gas/coal-fired power generating stations to cement/ethanol/steel manufacturers can now transform their captured CO2 into a new, large and profitable revenue stream.

Electricity Providers and Utilities

In a world of decreasing electricity demand and increasingly intermittment electricity supply, electricity providers and generators can sell their power to new large Demand Response ready customer to buy their off-peak electricity
improving ROI, reducing peaker capacity and adding grid reliability


Formic acid customers, from agriculture and manufacturers to energy producers and transportation providers get access to an increasingly cheaper, more plentiful and locally produced greener chemical feedstock helping them build more sustainable products more cheaply

Our Community

Communities and governments realize lower atmospheric CO2 emissions and greater energy security without having to raise energy prices, pay subsidies or add regulations to industry while retaining existing and creating new research and
manufacturing jobs.

Meet the OCO Team

The OCO Leadership team starts with two generations of father/son chemical engineers and business builders in the chemical, energy and IT industries
A.T. "Terry" Brix

A.T. "Terry" Brix

President and Founder

Technical Innovation and
Founder and/or executive at 18 Green start-ups in microalgae, food/pharma, iodine, sugar to glycols industries.

Todd Brix

Todd Brix


Business Strategy, Growth and Operations.
Former P&L owner for 3 businesses at Microsoft Corporation. Lead hydrotreating process and catalyst fabrication engineer at Chevron Research & Technology

Falling renewable electricity costs enable a new way to manufacture value-added chemicals tuned to intermittency . . electro-catalysis